Oh yes, we made it! *high five all around* Welcome to Maurelle Calligraphy! Finally, a website with my name on it (slapping my own face to wake up from this dream) OK, so how did I get here?

It started when I first held a broad edged calligraphy pen in my high school drafting class. It was exhilarating! I was so eager to try my new found hobby that I made a History project adapting this art form; I am proud to share some pictures of my masterpiece (LOL) that my mom was able to salvage in our garage. 

                                                   My first calligraphy project in high school. Vintage stuff :) 

Life got busy after high school and my calligraphy practice went into hibernation. I finished two pre medical degrees but I ended up working in the Marketing industry while doing wedding and event hosting on the side.

Although this was the case, creativity never left me. I was able to use it on client presentations  and in any situation that arose where I needed to call upon my skills.

Then the mushy part came along. I got engaged three years ago and I was sooooo excited to prepare for my wedding. First, there should be a lot of DIYs and oh yes *lightbulb* I should apply my long lost love for calligraphy. When it came time for me to address our envelopes, I bought a calligraphy pen and tried to write down my first word;  but I was left wondering why it was so ugly.  So I decided to let go of the idea but in place of that I created chalk wedding signs instead.

          One of the DIY wedding signage I made for my own wedding last may 2012. Photo by Jayson and Joann Arquiza Photography 

Indeed, one needs to put in the time to master any skill. A few months after my wedding I heard about a workshop in modern calligraphy by Fozzy and so I realized this was my chance  to revive my relationship with ink and paper. 

Today, two years later, I am here. Still passionate about this craft and still putting ink to paper. I am excited to flourish and Maurelle Calligraphy is the  realization of my life long dreams. So now,  let's create something beautiful together!. *play exit music*