of June and birth flowers ( June Free Desktop Calendar is here!)

Can you believe we are halfway this year already?! Oh gosh, if there is something I look forward to, it is the beautiful summer days here in Vancouver. Picnics, hiking, beach and just eating ice cream because it's hot ( LOL) is finally here! 

For the month of June, my desktop calendar showcases brush lettering using the Tombow Dual Brush #N55. It produces a beautiful gradient of grey depending on how much pressure you put on it while writing. I also incorporated some rose wreath in line drawing, it is said to be June's birth flower! 

By the way, if you are eager to learn the art of Modern Brush Lettering we will be holding another workshop this June 25th at Making Memories with Scrapbooking. Click here for more details.

I hope you welcome this month with a good vibe that will last for the rest of the year. As for me, wedding season is here already so it will be busy but then again let's just try to slow down, stop and smell the flowers :) 


Click here for our Free Desktop Calendar for the  month of June 2017!


One of my favorite brush pens!

Hello friends!

So here is our May Calendar for download. :) 


When people ask me about my favourite brush pens, one the first things I mention is the Tombow Fudenosuke Brush Pen.   This is what I used to write the word "May" on current desktop calendar. I like how it is not too flexible and good for lettering smaller pieces. It comes in a hard or soft bristle but I tend to prefer the one with the soft tip. This is now locally available in Vancouver through Opus Art Supplies! 


This is also part of our Brush Lettering workshop kit!  So if you are interested to learn Brush lettering, we have two upcoming Brush Lettering workshops coming up this June! 

June 3, 2017 - Surrey, BC at Essential Packaging Store ( For registration please call  604-575-1117)

June 25, 2017 - Burnaby, BC at Making Memories with Stationery 

Thank you and have wonderful May ahead!


With love, 





Oh yes, we made it! *high five all around* Welcome to Maurelle Calligraphy! Finally, a website with my name on it (slapping my own face to wake up from this dream) OK, so how did I get here?

It started when I first held a broad edged calligraphy pen in my high school drafting class. It was exhilarating! I was so eager to try my new found hobby that I made a History project adapting this art form; I am proud to share some pictures of my masterpiece (LOL) that my mom was able to salvage in our garage. 

                                                   My first calligraphy project in high school. Vintage stuff :) 

Life got busy after high school and my calligraphy practice went into hibernation. I finished two pre medical degrees but I ended up working in the Marketing industry while doing wedding and event hosting on the side.

Although this was the case, creativity never left me. I was able to use it on client presentations  and in any situation that arose where I needed to call upon my skills.

Then the mushy part came along. I got engaged three years ago and I was sooooo excited to prepare for my wedding. First, there should be a lot of DIYs and oh yes *lightbulb* I should apply my long lost love for calligraphy. When it came time for me to address our envelopes, I bought a calligraphy pen and tried to write down my first word;  but I was left wondering why it was so ugly.  So I decided to let go of the idea but in place of that I created chalk wedding signs instead.

          One of the DIY wedding signage I made for my own wedding last may 2012. Photo by Jayson and Joann Arquiza Photography 

Indeed, one needs to put in the time to master any skill. A few months after my wedding I heard about a workshop in modern calligraphy by Fozzy and so I realized this was my chance  to revive my relationship with ink and paper. 

Today, two years later, I am here. Still passionate about this craft and still putting ink to paper. I am excited to flourish and Maurelle Calligraphy is the  realization of my life long dreams. So now,  let's create something beautiful together!. *play exit music*